Wheels spin, bright lights flash and colors swirl. The pervasive smell of stale popcorn. A cacophony of bright, whimsical tunes vying for the listener’s attention. Rides, carousels, tents, games of chance, games of skill, prizes and much more. Ah, the carnival. Fun for the whole family, and then some.

… Only everybody’s gone. Literally. The entire population of the carnival has vanished – crowds, performers, everybody. The lights still flash and the Ferris wheel spins slowly, but not a soul stirs in the carnival itself.

This is bad. Thousands of people were on the grounds of that carnival, and nobody knows where they went. The cops don’t seem to have noticed the problem. Then again, that’s probably a good thing. They probably aren’t equipped to handle whatever’s causing the disturbance. You, however, are.

Great. This is going to end well…

The Carnival Comes to Town